Exchange Visits and Student Placements at Chosaan

Here at the Chosaan Academy of the Arts, we can offer a unique experience for students who are interested in an exchange visit. This could be a term time exchange for a group of students, an exchange visit in the school holidays or individual students who are looking for long or short term placements.

The students could come from schools, youth organisations, clubs or any other group that want to experience the Arts and Culture of the Gambia.

We have first class training facilities and accommodation at the Academy and would love to welcome visiting students to teach them more about the amazing diversity of Arts in the Gambia.

We are also keen for our students to travel to different countries to widen their knowledge of the arts. It is important that they experience Arts in other countries, as well as their own, in order to develop the skills required for future work opportunities.

At the Academy, we concentrate on both academic skills and business skills which will be vital to the students in the future when seeking employment. These skills are, obviously, important but one of the key factors at the Academy is that we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the learning experience.

We are situated next to the beach at Brusubi so you can have fun in the sun whilst you are learning ! There will also be visits to local communities to see the culture and Arts where they happen.

So, why not get in touch and see if we can arrange an exchange trip.