Film & TV Production Courses In Gambia

Introduction To Film & TV Production

Media histories, technologies, narrative, genre and aesthetics. Form and function of television drama.

Mode – Classroom based practical and theory, home studies, field trips.
Assessment – Exams, practical and theory, teacher assessment.
Outcomes – Students will have a broader understanding of theoretical and creative processes involved in TV / visual production.

Production Skills

Camera work, lighting, script writing, editing and sound, framing, white balance, aperture control, depth of field, practical and theory modules to develop your technical skills.

Mode – Group tuition, group projects, home studies.
Assessment – Exam (practical / aural), teacher assessment.
Outcomes – students should have a working knowledge of audio tools and be able to master and author a finished product to any format.

Practical Production Project

Opportunity to combine technical skills and aesthetic considerations in pre-production, camera operation, lighting, sound and editing to produce a complete piece of creative work, developing a script, pre-production planning and working with actors.

Mode – Group activity, professional support, home study.
Assessment – Teacher assessment, attendance / punctuality.
Outcomes – Gain an understanding of how each role within a production team functions to produce a finished product. A completed video film production for your portfolio / CV. Skills and knowledge to enable a career in the film and TV industry, from management to directing.

Last but not least, the outcome of this activity should be a great experience and a lot of fun.

Media Business

Understanding industry and professional practice, The media Freelance World, marketing your skills.

Mode – Classroom, field trips.
Assessment – Exam (Quarterly), work produced.
Outcomes – Students should have a general understanding of TV production and its processes and be in possession of transferable skills in the areas of administration and marketing.

Overall assessment mark based on the portfolio of your work produced over 1 year. The monthly supervision session, one on one, with your course leader is not assessed.